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Aur Aveda Story 

What inspired the name Aur Aveda? 


Aur meaning Gold in Welsh. 

AU the elemental symbol for Gold. 

Ayurveda offers us a glimpse in to the

'Golden Age' of Wellbeing! 

Hi Lovely People, friends & family. Thank you for being here. Your presence is appreciated and honoured. I hope you enjoy reading! ~


For those of you who may be new to this space,

 I'm Tillie, the founder and co-creator of Aur Aveda Wellness.

My vision for this space, and for the offerings in

The Wellness Sanctuary is a 

   'Golden Age of Wellbeing' 

Yoga and Ayurveda are philosophies that guide us and reconnect us back home to ourselves, replenishing the body with nourishment + deep vitality, restoring mental health and gifting us excess creative energy to pour into our lives, our loved ones, our projects + passions, and our communities. This truly creates a thriving ecosystem.


I am currently on an extremely fulfilling + humbling journey of learning & embodying ancient Yogic and Ayurvedic practices and ways of living. Ways of living that are rooted in; reminding us of how to live strong, healthy, purposeful lives. Rooted in liberation with the knowing of our interconnected body, mind, spirit, & essence. Reconnecting us to the inner-standing of our elemental blueprint. 

Tuning in to ancient practices invoke our own inner ancient essence ~

​I have spent the past seven years deepening my own personal practice. My dedicated exploration began in Bali in 2016. I spent a month travelling Bali followed by a few weeks in Thailand, this voyage changed the trajectory of my life. At this time, I discovered a whole new way of being, practicing yoga with Balinese Yogic masters, learning and experiencing the true meaning and magic of intention and discipline from within. Experiencing the alchemy that takes place during an intentional yoga practice.


Once I attuned myself to this awareness,

Yoga was a catalyst in the rapid transformation that I experienced.

 I have truly experienced a recalibration of my life since having a consistent wellness practice,

experiencing a restoration of my physical and emotional wellbeing.

This is why I feel so passionate about sharing this lifestyle with others.

In 2020, during the Covid- 19 Pandemic, I was living in Brooklyn, New York. This was the year I decided (and was guided) to move back home to Wales. Thankfully I had been consistent with nurturing my inner landscape through yoga, meditation & beautiful ancient wellness rituals throughout this uncertain time. Looking back, I was most definitely able to navigate an extremely stressful transition with more ease. 


 I felt that it was the perfect opportunity to leave the city after 7 years, and to explore the possibility of raising  my son in the countryside as I had dreamt of doing since he was a baby.


That phase felt like a huge initiation to begin a new chapter.


This was also the year I finally decided to gather the confidence (and finances!) to sign up to become a certified Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Practitioner, studying with Jai Wellness. An incredible school offering world class education to Yoga Teachers.


Due to the pandemic, my studies were online instead of in Bali!

Although I would have absolutely loved to go back to Bali to complete my studies, I actually really enjoyed the experience of tuning in to the studies from the comfort of my family home nestled between magical mountains, forests & beaches in North Wales. 


During this time, of education and personal practice my offerings

have organically blossomed...


Yoga and Ayurveda have supported me incredibly before & after becoming a mother, and to live a more fulfilling life. I am eternally grateful to have discovered them in this lifetime for maintaining and sustaining a feeling of optimal health for long periods of time. 

These holistic systems have been a strong foundation for me to build my life upon, providing strength, confidence & incredible wisdom to live by and to turn to in times of transition, stress or uncertainty.


Yoga & Ayurveda are sister sciences that are considered to be most beneficial when practiced together. Many have referred to this synergistic relationship as a fountain of youth!

Ayurveda certainly offers us an invocation to live more connected to ourselves,

to others, and to mother nature through sovereign & empowering time tested 'dinacharya' daily habits & rituals that we can infuse into our daily modern lives. Its wisdom invites us to live with a deeper understanding of the elemental and divine nature of our bodies.



~ Access to this timeless richness in our modern age is such a gift ~


Yoga is no doubt one of the most powerful transformative practices known to maintain physical mental and spiritual health around the world today.

The mission at Aur Aveda is to make beautiful time tested wisdom accessible to you.

Aur Aveda Wellness brings you A Wellness Sanctuary, with an abundance of offerings, A blog & wellness newsletters, local community events, Online Classes, & Free online workshops from time to time, encouraging a holistic organic way of life inspired by rich philosophy and deep analysis in to both the spiritual & scientific elements of mind body & spirit health.

To support you to make healthier choices on a daily basis, that contribute to more Vitality, Beauty & Longevity. To share treatments, rituals and  experiences that provide you with Sacred Nourishment. Perhaps to remind you of your own ancient essence, Or to guide you back home to yourself, to a state of flourishing.​


Join me on a beautiful journey of Ayurvedic Alchemy. ​Tillie x 

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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