Golden Milk Mamas

A Loving Motherhood Community. Holistic Wellness Programmes, Ancient Yogic and Ayurvedic Rituals, Resources and Monthly Newsletters and Supportive Community to Hold You on this Journey.

"The dramatic changes in a woman's body during pregnancy need to be nurtured back slowly to its prenatal form. If a new mother does not take care at this time, the roots of various ailments will establish themselves her body"

This extract from a book 'The first 40 days; The Essential Art of Nourishing a New Mother' that I read during my pregnancy has had a big impact on me. It has truly been a driving force in my passion to work with women and mothers at this delicate time.   


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  • A Sacred Pregnancy

    Every month
    Optimal Nourishment for a Conscious and Thriving Pregnancy
    • A Holistic Health Protocol for a Healthy Pregnancy
    • 1x Private Yoga & Meditation session per month
    • Group Restorative Yoga Classes
    • A Lifestyle + Wellness Protocol for each Trimester
    • A Sacred Preparation for Birth. Mind.Body.Spirit.Senses
    • Golden Access to Motherhood Blog posts
  • Art of Postpartum

    A Beautiful Healing Journey: Replenish Rest Restoration
    Valid for 3 months
    • A Golden Six Week Post Partum Plan: Heal & Replenish
    • Ongoing Support and Guidance throughout your Postpartum
    • x6 Guided meditations for Nervous System and Relaxation
    • x3 Restorative Yoga classes
    • Organic Ayurvedic Beauty Samples for Postpartum Healing!
  • Yoga bundle x4 class

    Perfect to stay consistent with your practice and protocol
    Valid for 3 months
    • A 30 Day Ayurvedic Wellness Protocol