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'The Sacred Window'

While being in awe of this tiny sleepy human who is new in to the world, a few hours in to settling in at home & my first few REAL moments of motherhood, I started to recognise some intensely heavy emotions and a strong sense of imbalance within my body any mind. Of course, it is normal that we are extremely delicate and in need of nourishment, care and healing after we have a baby. Our bodies have been through a lot to say the least and we have been reborn in to a brand new phase of our being.

This is such a beautiful time to start calling in our ancient wisdom for healing ♡

Although widely recognised that women need rest after having baby, I feel that in our western world the sacred pause, and the DESPERATE need for healing and nourishment of the mothers body is overlooked. We are rushed in to a position of responsibility very quickly at a time when we are at our weakest physically. As a parent we are expected to instantly care for our newborn, which we so desperately want to do.

*What if we started to fully understand that actually mama needs just as much care as baby right now*

What if we took a step back and fully acknowledge that actually, mama must put herself first as much as possible for the next 6 weeks for the sake of her physical, emotional and mental health for the REST OF HER LIFE as a mother and as a woman.

**According to ancient Eastern practices this time is vital for the longevity, vitality and beauty of the woman for the rest of her life** 

The 6 week post-partum healing period and careful planning of rituals, eating, and lifestyle choices isn’t spoken about enough in Western Medicine. This healing time is absolutely VITAL & should be sacred, intentional, carefully planned out before baby arrives home and ideally coordinated with as many friends and family involved (at a distance if preferred) for support and a strong sense of community to support the new parents in creating the most peaceful and smooth transition.

I started diving really deep in to Ayurvedic Healing for mothers during my pregnancy and I was so grateful and blown away by the shift, the softness, the feeling of being so held and guided by this wisdom. I carefully crafted a post-partum healing protocol for myself. The wisdom includes; nourishment through carefully selected food, herbal infused warm oil massage & herbal infusions, rest & replenishment to preserve essential energies, creating and planning a sacred environment with 

This was the first time I truly fell deep in love with Ayurveda, to feel and experience first hand the healing abilities this wisdom held, to bring me back to such wholeness, strength, balance& harmony within my mind and body during such a delicate and vulnerable time. 

The relief and happiness I feel for all women knowing we can heal with knowledge of this Ayurvedic wisdom. My mission is to share these gifts with as many women as I can! 🌸

I am SO grateful. And I really want to share this with you too mama ♡





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