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The Summer Solstice & Sunlight Medicine. Summertime Wellness Edition.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Summer solstice ceremony inspiration,

Ayurvedic recipes for cellular hydration and replenishment,

+ '5 Ways to Improve your Alignment with the Sun Cycles'

For an abundance of vitality boosting benefits;

Optimise vitamin D absorption,

Skin, Cellular & Reproductive health,

Improved digestion

& Enhanced energy levels

according to ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science.

The Summer Solstice is an opportunity to co create with all of life, in ceremony.

Traditionally around the world, solstice is a sacred day that has been a day of ritual, celebration and intention to honor life and to honor the sun as it peaks high in the sky and gifts us the longest day of the year. Whether you decide to spend this sacred day alone, with loved ones or community, you can invoke a sense of magic in to your day.

On this day we are invited to;

Celebrate the beauty of the elements.

𖤓Gather with loved ones for a ceremonial fire under the sun / stars

𖤓Sing, Dance, Share stories, Poetry, Prayers

𖤓Thank the sun for its warm embrace and for giving light & life to us, our food, to the land.

𖤓Gather wild flowers and make midsummer flower crowns for celebration!

𖤓Gather flowers and make infused oils for self care or ritual bathing; sprinkle some summer flowers, magnesium salts & rose or blue chamomile essential oil in your evening bath!

Take some time for reflection & presence.

𖤓Journal writing reflecting on this year so far

𖤓Make medicine

𖤓Create, Paint, Move your body

𖤓A solar plexus focused meditation practice & yoga flow to connect with your inner fire.

In Ayurveda the solar plexus is deeply connected to the sun.

𖤓A gratitude list can help us focus energy on all of the beauty in life

& to feel more optimistic

𖤓Nourish yourself and your loved ones

To celebrate the peak of radiance.

The peak of vibrancy & vitality in nature.

The solstice is charged with energy and light.

From an Ancient Ayurvedic lens, our true essence is elemental.

We too, just as nature is, seasonal, cyclical beings.

As we become more curious about this inevitable connection,

we begin to discover new ways to attune ourselves,

we experience the unfolding of our lives guiding us towards this path of yearning for this reconnection.We begin to feel and know a deep resonance and remembrance here.

We are cosmic beings. Deeply intertwined with the elements ~

Amber Magnolia Hill

Circadian medicine, refers to the healing potential for the human body that is achieved by aligning with the sun cycles; how our inner rhythms and their alignment with the sunshine and with the natural world - sustain health.

The internally generated daily rhythm is known as “circadian”, from the Latin words circa meaning “around” and dies meaning “day" Circadian rhythms are ancient and conserved throughout evolution.

We are electric beings, and we receive energy, minerals and vitamins from sunlight.

When we are in tune with the rising and setting of the sun we can experience incredible transformation in our lives and our wellbeing flourishes.

Our interaction and relationship with the sun increases

coherence + clarity in the mind and body.

Throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset, the solar energy from the sun changes. Like clockwork, with each passing hour, the atmosphere, in combination with the rotation of the earth around the sun, has created a daily solar symphony of electromagnetism that highlights certain rays while filtering others. The impact this has on our lives was mapped out in Ayurveda thousands of years ago.

- John Douillard Life Spa

As we move into Summer time, or pitta season in Ayurveda is the season of FIRE + WATER.

This is the perfect time to align and reconnect with the sun cycles. We can check in on our eating and sleeping habits, to determine how our circadian rhythm alignment is. This is going to affect how to feel and how we move about the day tremendously.

'5 Ways to Improve your Alignment with the Sun Cycles'

1. Implement an Ayurvedic Rising Routine

According to the ancient sages and yogis, rise with the sun. To rise early with intention to witness morning sunlight, and to receive the light into our eyes. Sitting outside early in the mornings regularly will help us to receive the early UVA & UVB RAYS and thus preparing and supporting our bodies regulation of heat and temperature for the day ahead. An Ayurvedic Rising Routine is a series of rising rituals to help connect us to our circadian rhythms & internal body clock.

2. Sit in the Sun without Contact Lenses, Glasses or Sun Glasses

In Particular, in the morning sun we want direct sunlight in to the retina of our eyes.

Glasses or contact lenses can act as a barrier and can disrupt the eyes ability to receive the suns rays fully. At this time of the morning, if we are awake and receiving sun light we experience a more gradual hormonal shift from melatonin to cortisol, than if we were sleeping in later. This gradual hormonal transition really helps with hormone balancing.

3. Eat a Heat Balancing Diet

Ayurveda recommends sweet, light, and moist foods with plenty of healthy fats this season to help reduce heat toxins, and to help regulate the heat in our bodies from the environment. Start your day with some fresh fruit 30 minutes before you eat anything else. Then you can eat a larger breakfast a little later if needed. A few pitta-balancing foods and drinks include coconut water, cucumbers, melons, watermelons, avocados, asparagus, basmati rice, dates, summer squash. Some fresh juice like watermelon + aloe juice (See Recipe) will be really supportive for this time of year as a tonic for hydration & cooling replenishment. Minimise Seed oils that can cause skin sensitivity in the sun, according to new studies, and use coconut oil for cooking or extra virgin olive oil for salad dressings.

4. Eat in Alignment with Sun Cycles

Finding a consistent eating schedule is really supportive of our circadian rhythm and help to maintain energy levels and to get better quality of sleep. According to Ayurveda, Eating the main meal of the day at 1pm when the sun (and our digestion) are at their strongest. When we finish eating at 7pm in the evening and sipping herbal teas or soothing milky drinks

(See Recipe Below) as a bedtime ritual we give our bodies an opportunity to fully digest before bedtime.

5. Take Consistent Sunshine and Movement Breaks &

Take Advantage of Solar Noon.

During Solar Noon, which is at midday, we can absorb and store most vitamin D. This is an opportunity to store vitamin D for days or seasons when there isn't much sun.

Taking regular breaks throughout the day to be in the sun, if your working indoors to move, stretch, practice yoga, breathe deeply is extremely beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing.

Summer Solstice Inspired Recipes

Watermelon + Aloe Juice


3 Cups Cubed Watermelon

2 Cups Aloe Vera Juice


Add your watermelon chunks and aloe juice or a large piece of aloe directly from the inside of your aloe plant, in to a blender. Blend until combined.

When poured, juice may separate, which is natural.

Pink Moon Milk Recipe

Prep time: 5-10 mins - Makes: 1 large serving Dragonfruit (pitaya) powder offers the best soft pink color.

Beet and hibiscus are both naturally a deeper, richer red so using them to color this drink results in a reddish-pink color. Ingredients

1 tsp loose chamomile

1 tsp loose passionflower

1 tsp loose rose petals

(Its a perfect time of year for drying wild roses)

1 1/2 cups of raw milk or organic plenish oat milk

1 tbsp raw local honey

1/8 tsp vanilla extract

Optional, for color: 1/4 tsp beet, hibiscus or dragonfruit powder


Make a chamomile, passionflower & rose infusion

OR Add chamomile, passionflower, rose with some water to a pan and bring to a simmer.

Cut off heat and let steep, covered, 5-10 mins. Add your desired amount of milk.

Strain and once cooled a little stir in raw honey, vanilla and (optional) beet / hibiscus / dragonfruit powder. Drink as is or whip in a blender for more froth (also helps the color powder break up). Sip. Chill.

Enjoy this summer season Loves <3

Further Reading & Recourses

Pink Moon Milk Recipe

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