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The QUEEN of Spices: Incredible Healing Properties of Turmeric

Updated: May 3, 2023

Many recent studies have emphasized how Infusing turmeric, (also called INDIAN saffron for its bright yellow color), into our diet, skincare routine, and of course into our medicine cabinet is such a wonderful healing tool, for the entire family. So let's make some Golden Milk! (See my Aur Recipes)

With knowledge of how to use turmeric, we can really use its medicinal properties for a wide range of benefits and recipes that are proven for thriving health for men and women. In my experience turmeric is incredible use for athletes & yogis, and anyone who lives an extremely active lifestyle and may be prone to injury. The queen of spices is wonderful for mothers and future mothers too, with evidence supporting its benefits for women with improved fertility, lowering inflammation and easing uncomfrotable postpartum symptoms!

Evidence suggests that it could be oxidative stress which leads to numerous health complications in todays modern world (**and imbalances in Doshas / elemental constitution which is the leading cause of disease according to Ayurveda**) For women oxidative stress can contribute to the inability to conceive, and also female reproductive conditions such as endometriosis and PCOS. Oxidative stress is when there is an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals in the body, and the body's ability to naturally detoxify is not working optimally, this will occur when chronic inflammation generates more free radicals. Free radicals are generated from a combination of our emotional, mental, physical and environmenal stress which has been linked to acccelerated aging and degenerative diseases. See other news letters including "Creating a Sacred Space at home to minimise free radicals" These high levels can overwhelm the body's antioxidant ability to neutralise free radicals, leading to cell damage.

For Men and Women intending to conceive, superfoods and superherbs such as turmeric can be used for its inflammatory properties to decrease oxidative stress levels physically and mentally, and bring the body back to a state of equilibrium and harmony during the creation process! Black pepper helps with absorption "With just 1/20 teaspoon or more of black pepper, the bioavailability of turmeric is greatly improved, and turmeric’s benefits are further enhanced" Another way that is suggested to increase the bioavailability of turmeric is to consume with a source of fat (such as ghee, butter, avocado) and therefore curcumin will directly be absorbed into the blood stream through the lymphatic system. (See Lymphatic detoxing blog)

Turmeric is immunity enhancing for a pregnant mama, and is boosting immunity for baby too. Curcumin, the bioactive compound in turmeric that is associated with antibacterial properties, fighting off mild infections, has been researched more thoroughly in recent years and now there are extensive studies showing its powerful immunity boosting properties for mild to chronic issues. To enhance mood and balance the mind during those wild pregnancy hormones. Turmeric provides relief on a cellular level for the body for aches and pains

I discovered the magical healing provided for the female reproductive system while drinking golden milk postpartum. Also great for reducing inflammation of conditions like mastitis during breastfeeding. Since becoming a mother the joys of drinking these turmeric latte has brought much pleasure. A nighttime tonic, with some turmeric or turmeric paste, oat milk, cinnamon, honey, ashwagandha and any additional beauty or healing herbs you want to add! One luxury, I guess you could call it, is that we must wait until Kai goes to bed to drink it, because if this drink spills it’s not the easiest thing to clean up. So drink consciously! Trust me I have been there done that a few too many times! **Always keep some baking soda / powder in the cupboard as a mother**!!! (GETS THE TOUGHEST STAINS OUT)

Golden milk ( Turmeric lattes ) for Liquid gold. See recipe in my Aur Aveda Postpartum Plan!


Immunity: Curcumin’s true potential has now been realized by modern medicine. Various studies show that curcumin has immunomodulatory, anti-proliferative, and antimicrobial properties that could support the treatment of chronic diseases and mild infections. Turmeric also contains other valuable nutrients that can help boost immunity.

Digestive health: Studies show that curcumin holds pharmacological properties that could prove useful in treating various digestive disorders. Some of the common digestive issues that women face postpartum are constipation, flatulence, and gastric reflux. For all these digestive concerns, turmeric has proven its possible effectiveness. In fact, some studies have found that the use of turmeric can potentially protect the GI system through its anti-inflammatory effects.

Mental health: Depression and PP depression can occur due to a combination of mental and physical factors. Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) reveals that depression is associated with inflammation. Thus, PNI suggests the use of anti-inflammatory products that could help reduce inflammation. Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties that could prove useful in enhancing your mood and helping fight postpartum depression. Curcumin increases DHA in the brain and helps reduce anxiety.

Inflammation: Curcumin has a strong anti-inflammatory activity, which could provide symptomatic relief from joint / back / muscular pains. A good solution for Post Workout muscle recovery. Most women experience different degrees of joint and back pains after pregnancy. One of the reasons is inflammation and is most commonly known as inflammatory arthritis.

Antioxidant effects: Curcumin is characterized by its high antioxidant activity, which is comparable to vitamin C and is more than ten times higher than the activity of the vitamin E. The strong antioxidant profile of the compound could help mitigate the effects of oxidative damage on the body.

Cholesterol management: The levels of cholesterol and triglycerides increase during pregnancy as they are crucial for the growth and development of the fetus and the production of hormones. These lipid levels decrease postpartum. However, sometimes the cholesterol levels do not go back to normal, leading to health problems. Turmeric is often seen as a natural remedy to regulate cholesterol levels. A research study demonstrated that turmeric extract could help reduce the synthesis of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Thriving physical health for active / outdoor lifestyles benefits: Curcuminoids in turmeric possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Thus, daily intake of turmeric will support overall physical maintenance of the body.

Turmeric is a healthy addition to your diet. However, its effectiveness can only be assured when it is selected and stored right. If you have been using turmeric before pregnancy and during, then you can continue to do so. Do not add a new element just because you are breastfeeding.

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